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"Tell them (my young disciples) that they are the sweet hope of the motherland and that there is no motherland without virtue and no virtue without piety"....Felix Varela

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"How dreary would be the world if there were no Santa Claus?" New York Sun 9/21/1897

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"Culture is of fundamental importance for the life of nations and for fostering the most authentic human values" Pope John Paul II, University of Habana, January 23, 1998


The indigenous people of Cuba were Christianized by Columbus and his successors. Roman Catholicism was prevalent until 1959 when "atheism" was embraced by the Revolutionary government. Constitutional changes embracing secularism rather than atheism have allowed religious groups to slowly reorganize in Cuba. As was demonstrated during the times of King Henry VIII and Thomas Becket, independence of religion from a restrictive and controlling "State" eventually prevails...the enduring role of myths and religion fulfilling the soul of Man.....a timeless story being written once again in Cuba in the New Millennium.

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